AUDITION! Mambo Italiano


Parental Guidance - Suggested Age 14+

May 2, 3, 4

May 9, 10, 11  

Tickets: $40.00 + GST

Doors open at 7pm.  Show at 8pm.  Come early for best seat selection.

Audition Dates:

January 30, 2024, 6:30 pm

February 1, 2024, 6:30 pm

Call Backs

  • Sunday, February 4 - 6:30-9:30PM 

Audition Sign Up Link:

Rehearsal Dates:

Rehearsals will be held Sunday Afternoons, and Monday and Wednesday Evenings beginning Sunday, February 11th.

Performance Dates:

6 Performances in May 2024 (May 2-4, 9-11)

Audition Information:

Auditions will be held in individual 10 minute slots. Below are excerpts of the script. Memorization is not required, but please be familiar with the scenes. A reader will be available to run the scene with you in the audition. You may be asked to read for more than just the character you are auditioning for. For more information, please contact Mary Tulip (Stage Manager) at

Script Excerpts:

Scene 3 - Angelo & Anna (Start at Scene 3 Heading) 

Scene 5 - Nino & Angelo (Start at Scene 5 Heading)

Scene 8 - Lina & Nino (Start at Top of First Page)

Scene 11 - Gino & Maria (Start at Scene 11 Heading)

Synopsis of the Show:

Mambo Italiano is a coming-out classic set in Montreal's Little Italy. Angelo is a nice Italian who lives with his childhood friend, Nino - and his parents aren’t happy that he moved out of the house. The trouble is, Angelo and Nino are in love with each other. When his sister Anna finally persuades him to come out of the closet, Angelo's traditional parents don't know what to make of his sexual orientation and nearly abandon him. And things only get worse when Angelo's mother spills the beans to his partner Nino's widowed mother, who Nino did not want to know about the relationship.

Often compared to a gay My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mambo Italiano is the journey two families take towards honesty and acceptance. As in the real world, some make it, some don't, and some make it later rather than sooner.

Character List:

Note that ages are only a suggestion. Actors must be 18 or older.

  • Angelo - (Age 20-40) Gay, In the closet but about to come out. He is annoyed with his parents, and their very Italian old-world lifestyle. Has been secretly seeing his childhood friend and “roommate” Nino.
  • Anna - (Age 20-40) Angelo’s Sister. Neurotic. Resents her parents but can’t imagine a life without them. Still lives at home, although she calls it a “prison.” Is the first to find out about Angelo (and Nino).
  • Nino - (Age 20-40) Confused about his sexuality, but in a closeted relationship with Angelo, his childhood friend, and “roommate.” Loves being Italian and hates when Angelo makes fun of their heritage. After his father’s premature death, he is extremely close with his mother.
  • Maria - (Ages 50-65) Mother to Angelo and Anna, Wife to Gino. Caring doting mother, but very much overbearing Italian stereotype. Keeps the whole family on their toes, driving her kids and husband very crazy.
  • Gino - (Ages 50-65) Father to Angelo and Anna, and husband to Maria. She runs the house, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking he does. Almost every interaction with his family results in yelling - but he loves them more than anything and hates when they fight.
  • Lina - (Ages 50-65) Nino’s widowed mother. Over the top. Stereotypical overbearing mother mixed with a dash of crazy sauce. All she cares about is that Nino finds a nice Italian woman to give her grandchildren.
  • Pina - (Age 20-40) Potential love interest for Nino to cause conflict in the boys’ relationship. Went to school with Angelo and Nino but hasn’t seen them in several years. She is sweet, but tough. Inherited her father’s construction company, reluctantly, but has the balls to own it.

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