Submitting a Show Proposal

Submitting a Show Proposal

Interested in submitting a Show Proposal to Medicine Hat Musical Theatre?
Here is what you need to know:

What is a show proposal?

  • A show proposal is a written request which is submitted to the MHMT Show Committee with the intent of producing or directing a show in our theatre.
  • Putting on a show is a fun and worthwhile experience but keep in mind that it is also a HUGE COMMITMENT!

How to get started with your proposal?

  • First think about the type of show you would like to Produce or Direct... A Musical? A Play? A Comedy?
  • Look at putting together your Executive Team – Producer, Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Costumer, Tech.
  • Email MHMT at [email protected], Subject line: "Attention Show Committee Lead” and request a “Show Proposal Package” for the show you would like to produce. Perusal scripts and availability of the show rights are requested by the Show Committee Chairperson, and you will be contacted once the availability is known.
  • Once it has been determined that the show rights are available, a Show Proposal is put together using the Show Proposal Package and with the help of a Show Committee liaison if necessary.
    After ALL Show Proposal requirements are in place, proposals may be presented at an upcoming Show Committee Meeting. (Dates of meeting are on MHMT website.)

What happens next?

  • Show proposals will then be presented to The MHMT Board of Directors by the Show Committee Chairperson for MHMT Board approval.
  • Show proposals may be Approved, Denied or Tabled if more information is required.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Medicine Hat Musical Theatre